Sample Writing Agreement

Writing Agreement
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This Writing Contract is between Big Client Pvt Ltd. (the " Client") and Best Shot Services Pvt. Ltd., a company incorporated in India (the " Writer").

The Contract is dated June 16, 2016.


1.1 Project. The Client is hiring the Writer to do the following: The Writer will assist the Client in creating content for there website and banners.

1.2 Schedule. The Writer will begin work on June 16, 2016 and must finish the work no later than August 15, 2016.

1.3 Payment. The Client will pay the Writer a flat fee of 10,000. Before work starts, the Client will pay the Writer 2,500.

1.4 Expenses. The Client will reimburse out of pocket expenses incurred by the Writer. Expenses must be preapproved by the Client.

1.5 Invoices. The Writer will invoice the Client for work done at the end of the project. The Client agrees to pay the amount owed within 15 days of receiving the invoice. Payment after that date will incur a late fee of 5.0% per month on the outstanding amount.


2.1 Writer Retains Ownership, But Grants Client License. The Writer retains ownership in any Work Product related to this project, but grants the Client to use the Work Product in the following manner: The Client has the rights to display the Work Product and use it, but cannot modify or resell it. To avoid confusion, Work Product is the finished product, including and by way of example, not limitation, any and all visual designs, visual elements, graphic design, illustration, photography, animation, sounds, typographic treatments and text, arrangement and coordination of such elements together with the " Work Product" and/or third party materials.

2.2 Writer's Right to Use Client IP The Writer may need to use the Client 's intellectual property to do its job. For example, if the Client is hiring the Writer to provide photographs and content for a website, the Writer may have to use the Client 's logo. The Client agrees to let the Writer use the Client 's intellectual property and other intellectual property that the Client controls to the extent reasonably necessary to do the Writer 's job. Beyond that, the Client is not giving the Writer any intellectual property rights, unless specifically stated otherwise in this Contract .

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