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1. What is SpotDraft

2. What type of transactions should I use SpotDraft for?

3. Why is SpotDraft avilable only in India?

4. Can't I just download a document from the internet?

5. Are these agreements binding?

6. Where do you store my information?

7. What does SpotDraft cost?

8. How do I send the contract to my client?

9. I can't send payments?

10. Are the invoices customizable?

11. Can I sign the contracts online?

12. I have some other questions.

Contract Analysis

1. What is the difference between an Entity and a Clause?

2. Can I train new clauses which are to be detected in the documents?

3. What is the minimum number of samples required to train a particular clause ?

4. What is the function of the RAG Mode?

5. Can I map out my internal organizational standards and rules on the platform?

6. What is the purpose of the Rulebook?

7. What happens when a clause is flagged in a document?

8. What is Annotation Mode & Review Mode?